Presentation materials

Presentation materials (2019)

ITCS 2019 presentation materials are available now!

  • Opening and Introduction [To be uploaded]
  • Talk1: Automatic generation of IoT policies [To be uploaded]
  • Talk2: Anomaly Detection System based on Cross-sectional Data from Renewable Energy Farm in the framework of CPS [To be uploaded]
  • Talk3: An Automated Security Analysis Framework and Implementation for Cloud [To be uploaded]
  • Talk4: IoT devices Malware Detection using Deep Learning Techniques [To be uploaded]
  • Talk5:    [To be uploaded]
  • Talk6: MSD-Kmeans: A Novel Algorithm for Efficient Detection of Global and Local Outliers for IoT Applications [To be uploaded]
  • Talk7: Network Level Defenses for Internet of Things [To be uploaded]
  • Talk8: Moving Target Defenses and Their Applications in the Internet of Things
  • Talk9: A Resilient and Sustainable IoT Network Architecture
  • Talk10: Robustness of Lightning Network in Bitcoin [PDF] by Prof. Hyoungshik Kim 

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